Poverty Row

by Aguirre

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“Poverty Row” was recorded between March and June of 2015 at Bedside Manner in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. This recording was aided by one USB microphone and one macbook provided by Brandon Chiesa. It was mixed and mastered in August of 2015 by Kevin Carafa in Portland, Oregon.

Front Cover: “Poor children playing on sidewalk, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.” September, 1935.

Photograph taken by Carl Mydans for the US Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information.

Reprinted with permission from the Library of Congress.


released August 29, 2015

Paul Alan - Drums
Vincent Basile - Bass
Brandon Chiesa - Guitar
Patrick Flynn - Vocals

Lyrics by Patrick Flynn, music by Aguirre.



all rights reserved


Aguirre New Jersey

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Track Name: Bushido
What's left of a hero except for their name?
It's your actions, not words, that people retain.

There are no enemies that cannot be defeated.
As long as your will is mightier than theirs.

There is honor in losing, death is a reward.

Respect your foe, even though he'll be vanquished.
Track Name: Këmutke (He Steals)
They came here through our blue harvest;
taking everything and keeping what was left.
Began setting up their new 'civilization'.
Forgetting that we are the First Nation.

Just sign there, this is no time to talk.
The land we'll take is about a two days walk.
Your Chiefs all agreed some fifty years past.
It's true they didn't sign; it's also true they didn't last.
Track Name: Mayflies
Extinction is the rule; survival, the exception.
Our pale blue dot is headed towards destruction.

We once were star bound,
adventures lay ahead.
Now we're like Mayflies;
Live for a day and think it's forever.

Remember when we heard the song of the open road?
Track Name: Juice Man
We don't want to sound blunt or cold hearted-
It's not our problem; you've known our position.

We'll give you six months; you'll get no reprieve
If you don't think so; our Judge will believe

So sorry for your loss, but they left a sizable sum.
You won't even have any space left in your head after we're done.

A man in debt is so far a slave.
Track Name: Robber Barons
'God gave me my money, the public be damned!'
Says the Jolly Banker peddling 21st century scams.

'We are not in business for our health,
I can hire one half of you lot to kill the other half.'

How I long for the days when everything's sunny.
What good is ten million if you can't have real money?

Money is gold and nothing else.
Track Name: Traits
People don't really change, do they?
Sure, anything is possible.
People are malleable.
But, people don't really change, do they?
How could they? Could you?
I try every day. I fail every day.
I just want to be better. Live grateful. Think clearer.
Like Beckett says,
Try again, fail again. Fail better.
Track Name: Cross of Gold
We do not come as aggressors
Our war is not a war of conquest
We fight in defense of our homes,
For our families, and posterity.

We have begged, and they have mocked our calamity.
We have petitioned, petitions scorned.
We have entreated, entreaties disregarded.

We beg no longer
We entreat no more
We petition no further.
We defy.

You shall not press down upon the brow of labor
this crown of thorns.
You shall not crucify mankind
upon a cross of gold.
Track Name: Tin Shield and a Blue Coat
A little taste is all it takes.
Root down and see what power makes.
Little boys playing cops and bandits,
so called justice makes me sick.

To protect and serve your neighborhood,
maybe one day it'll be understood.

A little taste is all it takes.
Root down and see what power makes.
Innocence is the only thing you've smote.
All cuz you've got a tin shield and a blue coat.
Track Name: Hammurhabi's Code
He heard it from the television.
No, she saw it in a book.
We only do what we're told till we don't.

Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth,
leaves the world blind and hungry
Its only progress, come and see; take a look.

When will our herder come to take us home?
Track Name: This Red Decade
This red decade, do you remember when?
Now it's just theatre; comedy and tragedy.

Remember when the kids all sang, "Better dead than red?"

God save the Queen! Do you know what I mean?
Send her victorious, happy and glorious!
Now they chose Nazis in their Parliament
Makes you wonder what's next?

Soon the kids sing, "Better red than dead!"

If we want independence, we're gonna need help
No one votes cuz politics is shit.
But in this life you gotta take it easy, but take it.

We are nothing, let us be all.